Thursday, April 07, 2005

Engineers turn to 'soft offices':

Caption: "'There is no doubt that if you take average office, they have lots of hard straight surfaces which are terrible for noise ... It is a playground for noise' -- Mark Richardson, Blum"

This is just one giant WTF. The article is about how noisy office environments are, and what changes can be made to furniture and decoration to reduce the noise. They have two good pictures: one of panelling for absorbing noise, and one of a regular office filled with filing cabinets and other non-absorbing materials. Then, while someone was raiding the stock photography archives for those two, they came across this one and for some reason decided to include it, too.

Maybe she can't stand 'teh PAIN!' of being involved in such a shocking stock photography incident, or maybe she's distressed at being captioned with some random guy's quote. Or maybe I'm mistaken, and this really is a picture of Mark Richardson. Hmm, somehow I doubt it.